September 23, 2011

Sumthing bad was happened =(


Im not in a good mood actually guys. every single things i did seems like wrong and not going smooth at all. *sigh*


Peristiwa ketika hendak menjawab soalan EXAM-Statistic

Pengawas : You must open the niqab in this hall during the exam conducted 
Saya : I've opened the hall door just in time review the student dress 
Pengawas : I know, but you must also open this niqab 
Saya : NoI do not want 
Pengawas : if you do not want to, I will not go away from the table and you are not allowed to answer the exam  
Saya : But ............   
Pengawas : All the friends you have already opened the niqab, and they hear me but you do not

Me: hopeless is my least worry...
today i feel sorrow and pain in my veins
today i felt death
it came by me earlier
it spoke 2 me
it left me
its gone
i can even make a new layer of sorrow and pain
and still it wont be over
becuz thats me
thats my lifestyle
is the life i bringggg
it wont get better
because then that means im doing something right
and i can never do anything right
everything makes me feel numb

Nukilan untuk kakak pengawas yang PAKSA saya buka Niqob. semoga kakak baca ye ! 

My name’s Harlina . I’m 19 years old. I was wearing hijab since child ….which I can not remember one. I wear because I believed that my Creator wants from me and I also believed that it benefits to myself.  By covering my face, I’m honoring myself. I’m presenting myself to the world. As a some of my character, as a some of my personality, my contribution towards society. And it is a little bit that I’m doing to enable me to go through path of spiritual discovery. And it’s something that I feel glad and happy. I feel so wonderful to having done it. And it just spiritual choice…  It just…example for the fact that I’m hornor muslim women, who has her own opinion. She has her own voice. I have my own personality, I have my character, I have everything that wonderful about me. The way I contribute towards society.And.. my beauty is wonderful part of me as well. But I don’t feel that I have to display to all over the world.   You know, muslim women who choose to dress this way, do that because they feel…you know, covering this way…first of all because they believed that God said to them. They believed that God knows better for them than they know. 

If you open your eyes a bit wider, you will realise how deep is God's love towards you.

 I Jazak Allahu koll Khair - May Allah reward you abundantly you for your concern… if anybody concern it. But I fine

Kehidupan : Mengalir air mata ketika menaip luahan hati ini. Terkenang peristiwa tadi dan terngiang-ngiang suara akak pengawas ='(

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