March 23, 2011

please Allah.. make everything clear

Remind me when was the last time I have so much free time. I need a break.

Sometimes when I get upset, something inside of me shuts down -.-'
I feel like I should be crying or screaming or something but I don't because I'm turned off. I go silent and don't talk very much, just looking at people. Thinking so much that I could drive myself crazy.*somehow they tot i shouldnt be like this* It's the kind of upset that confuses me and makes me want to curl up and sleep it off. I stay fixed like this until the confusion runs away. Sometimes it feels like it's never going to go.
But I believe that Allah is the One that gives me this and He is the Only One that can take away this. I'll never stop praying. Hoping He will forgive me.
p/s : please Allah..make everything clear.. :'(

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