April 24, 2011


Nice cartoon. May People out there realize the truth~


  1. salam ukhti, nak share leh tak?

  2. it's true.='(
    it is our responsible to put Islam to the top place once again make us being treated as a respectable society,
    we must unite to defend ourselves
    We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided
    then they can't treat us like that.,insyaAllah

  3. tim8787 :

    wassalam,iyer.. boleh sangat :)ambil je yer..

  4. Fazz Faizz :

    fi qulubi maradh .nauzubillah...Whenneva we put ALLAH at da 1st place even any evil side of urself trigger da BUTTON! maan wallahee:) ALLAH is alwyas there as if weneva we olwez in da state of remebering HIM:)

    Auzubillah!!!Auzubillah.Do not be saddened whenever you are ignored like a stranger when a very modest and decent clothes put on your body. Do not ever feel disintegrated when they degrade your dignity just because you refuse to expose your precious treasures.

    Do not feel dehumanised when others show off the thick lipsticks on their lips and the make-up titivated on their faces. You might be seen as a lonely person, but they know not that Allah is always with you and the blessings bestowed upon you unremittingly.GHURABAA:) ALLAH bless iallah!:)

    no one knows what's inside our heart and our mind. only Allah knows our real intention in everything we do. hopefully we've done our best to be humble and pious. avoiding ria', ujub or hasad might be difficult sometimes but always remember, 'innamal a'malun binniyah...' let's do the proper thing so that we can be properly rewarded. insyaallah.

  5. khair, insyaAllah,
    From Abu Hurairah RA, he said: Rasulullah SAW said: "Islam was strange when it began and will one day be strange again; Blessed are the ghuraba' (those strange people)". [H.R.Muslim]

    Holding on strong to the Deenullah and Al-Haq, istiqomah in performing as well as merge sunnah in our life, we as Ghuraba' live in era where common conditions of mankind are decayed,when the decay is viewed as normal,unnoticed.

    InsyaAllah, will Allah gives us imaan and strength to carry out amar makruf nahi mungkar even though the majority frowning at us.

    Saidina Ali Karamallahu wajhah once said--
    If you want to recognize in which direction the most righteous among the Muslims are then see in which directions the arrows of Kuffar are going